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Tokyo; Dream Destinations 2016 #sendmeaway

Icelolly.com are currently running a competition! I was tagged by eatsleeplovetravel to write about my dream destinations for 2016 and to tag three other bloggers to do the same! My dream destinations are very much to indulge my geeky or literature loving heart. From the anime districts of Tokyo to Harry Potter world in Florida. Who says you should grow up? I’d rather be happy in my own little world!


Image used with the permission of yesicanusechopsticks.com
Image used with the permission of yesicanusechopsticks.com


Being the girl I am I’m in love with the idea of going to Tokyo and spending some time indulging my geek side with anime, comic con, cosplay and Myazaki’s Studio Ghibli Museum. Oh and let’s not forget Disney land. It may not be Florida, but it’s still a happy place! Not only do I want to learn more about the culture and practice my Japanese, but my geeky heart will be excessively happy.

I would also like to be able to set up a life in Japan and teach English for a year or two, though, failing that, cycling the entire length of Japan is something I’m desperately trying to make happen this year. Between planning to sell everything I own of value, selling artwork and picking up a few odd jobs to planning routes and destinations I’m trying my hardest to make sure that an epic trip to Japan is going to be something I do this year!



Okay, not exactly Florida, but Universal studios. Once again to satisfy my geeky heart! Harry Potter world (anyone else excited by today’s announcement of the new book this year?) and Marvel studios would just leave me in wonder! I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Harry Potter is my one true love, so universal studios is an actual dream for me.



Back in Asia to indulge my geekiness! The Hello Kitty cafe, the K- Pop and the TV drama! South Korea is where it’s at! Not to mention the amazing skyline and the potential for beautiful photos! Someone take me there now!


Those are are my dream destinations, though I’m going to be pretty damn happy if I manage to what I want to in Japan. So long as I accomplish my goal of cycling Japan I will be extremely happy! For this competition I nominate nomadlifestyleblog, blissfulvagabond and (a little against the norm) Essenceofanna, because it’s her birthday and she deserves a good trip! Hurry up though guys, the competition closes on the 14th!

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