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This was one crazy January! 

I left home on the 6th of January with high hopes, and I have to say, I haven’t been disappointed. In just 25 days I have managed to visit 6 countries (does England count?) with 10 cities. Impressive stats to say the least. I’ve hitchhiked four times across four countries, taken two flights, a ferry and 7 buses. I’ve slept everywhere from train stations to hotels, airport benches to hostel beds. Is it wrong to say I’m looking forward to being in one place for two weeks this February? Maybe I’m beginning to get a little travel burnout?

Thankfully I have some interesting stories to tell, I mean with everywhere I’ve been it’s hard not to have great stories right? So what are my highlights from this trip? And what are some of the stories still to come on my blog? (This is why I’m two weeks behind!)


1. I hitchhiked with a punk!

This is my favourite story from hitchhiking, and one you can look forward to this week. I often meet some characters whilst hitchhiking, but this guy was by far my favourite! And it made me feel a little better about staying in the middle of nowhere in The Netherlands.


2. I took part in a language immersion course in Poland on a whim!

So I was asked to do this on the Thursday and it started on the Sunday morning. I was already in Copenhagen by this point and had semi made plans for Belgium. But, despite having to hitchhike across three countries in a day, this has been the best thing I have done. I seriously couldn’t have asked to meet a better group of people. Both the students and the volunteers were amazing and I hope to keep in touch with them all! The only downside being that I picked up the American accent within a few hours…


3. I fell in love with Copenhagen.

This city felt truly magical to me and I can’t quite place my finger on why. Perhaps it was the fact that it was the home of the fairytale writer Hans Christian Anderson, or perhaps it was the fact that the entire country was covered in snow? Or perhaps it was even to do with the beautiful architecture? Whatever the reason, Copenhagen is somewhere I am seriously considering moving to.


4. My faith in couchsurfing was restored

So we all know I had some less than pleasent experiences with couchsurfing last year, but this year seems to have been all positive, or at least 99% positive. I’ve stayed with the loveliest couple in Belgium who had the cutest dog, a games designer in Hamburg who works for the company responsible for saints row, and a lovely woman in Holland who made the best cakes ever!


5. I found out that Belgian waffles and chocolate are the most amazing things ever!

Okay not really news, but I swear, waffles in liege style are just 100% amazing. Add Nutella and strawberries and you have a heavenly piece of food. Even though I was slightly disappointed by the frites. Although perfectly crispy, they did taste like English chip shop chips. But hey, it was a nice nostalgic feeling.


It’s been just under five months since I began travelling and I can not believe how much I’ve seen and done, especially those thing I never thought I would do. A lot of the time I go to a country without a plan and without a list of things to see. I ask local’s, I ask my couchsurf hosts and I ask other travellers what they reccommend. I avoid places I have to pay into and spend 99% of my time lost and wandering the streets. Maybe that’s what makes for an interesting travel experience.


And hey, if I can prove to people that you can survive on less than €200 for 6 weeks in Western Europe then so be it!

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