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Telling the parents. Expection vs reality.

Unfortunately sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it to. Whilst we expect parents to be happy about the fact that you’ve worked hard for a bit of money to travel and are well on your way to becoming a digital nomad, it’s not always the way it goes. The immediate reaction I tend to get is; ‘you haven’t thought about the consequences of this’ or ‘what about your future?’. That may be true, I’m not thinking like my parents, I don’t think too hard about where I will be 10 years down the line; but do I need to? At 23, my entire life is ahead fo me, now is the time to take risks. Now is the time to travel and experience life. No I won’t be putting a pension away. Instead, I will be working hard for my freedom.


At some point that hard work will pay off. I will be able to live the way I want, doing a job I love and reaping the benefits. But, that means that I have to take risks and put in a lot of work. And for that, I need the finances and hours to do so. I’m finally in a place where I could potentially make that happen.


So, after months of hard graft at another job in retail I am finally able to hold my hands up and say I’ve got a bit of money together. Certainly enough to get accepted for a working holiday visa. Though I expected a little bit of credit rather than the rather sour reaction I received. Whilst I understand that my parents are concerned about my future, I am going to respectfully ignore the reaction and think about what life can offer anyway. The ultimate goal is to be travelling for half the year. Creating content, taking photos and making art is what I live for. And where’s the fun in life if you’re working for that two weeks of holiday or that long weekend away?

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