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Cabin Zero: Why it’s my new favourite bag!

Whilst on my latest trip to Amsterdam I noticed my current backpack was looking a bit worn. Since, I’ve been looking for a new one. Thankfully, A couple of weeks ago Cabin Zero sent me a 28litre bag to review. My thoughts? It’s fantastic! As with any product there is room for improvement. However, as an overall …

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Angloville; the language immersion programme 

Back in Janury I did the crazy thing of hitchhiking to Poland from central Belgium with a 24 hour deadline. Why? To become an Angloville volunteer in Wrocław. Many times I thought myself crazy, taking a risk and running to Poland for a week after being asked via couchsurfing. But after some research and a …

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Czech inn time! 

After things went wrong with couchsurfing in Munich I felt the need to get away and just take a week to relax for myself. No couchsurfing, no whistle-stop tours, no rushing and walking for so long blisters appear with a backpack slung around me. I just wanted to slow down for a week and relax. …

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