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Cabin Zero: Why it’s my new favourite bag!

Whilst on my latest trip to Amsterdam I noticed my current backpack was looking a bit worn. Since, I’ve been looking for a new one. Thankfully, A couple of weeks ago Cabin Zero sent me a 28litre bag to review. My thoughts? It’s fantastic! As with any product there is room for improvement. However, as an overall product this one is fantastic!


Cab Zero bag pictured on the 65 national cycle route


Whats so so good about Cabin zero bags?

Cabin Zero bags contain multiple features as standard which makes the bags ideal for travel. The bags are 44litre, and conform exactly to the hand luggage restrictions set by budget airlines such as Ryanair, easyJet, wizzair, etc. The point being you get maximum pack ability for your trip whilst avoiding extortionate airline fees!


Every bag contains an okoban tracker as standard, no matter if you buy a 44l or a 28l size. This, for me, was the real selling point of the bag. Previous trips have seen multiple problems of losing my bags or having them stolen; that little tag on the bag really helps me have a little peace of mind. Eventually I will probably also add a gps tracker (because I’m paranoid), but for now it does give me a little reassurance. Although it does rely on someone reporting the bag as found, when you travel your faith in people does increase.


Another great feature of Cabin Zero is that it zips all the way down, opening up like a suitcase, rather than a top loading bag. A top loading bag usually means that thing you need is always at the bottom and you have to be THAT traveller that unpacks everything to find your tickets, passport or ID. I am going to enjoy not being that traveller anymore. Add compression straps to the side and you soon get a sturdy suitcase-esque backpack.


Cycling with my cabin Zero bag


Testing out my bag.

What did I love when I tested my 28l bag? The thick padded straps are a joy to carry. These are much thicker than my old bag, which means they won’t dig in as much, and will be kinder on my shoulders. Two padded handles will also allow me to carry it briefcase style to give my shoulder a rest once in a while. I took it fully packed on my back for an extended bicycle ride as this is how I will be living during my next trip. It was extremely comfortable to ride with and didn’t pull too much on my shoulders.


I also love that there is a laptop pocket inside my bag. This is a nice addition and allows me to keep the feature I liked about my previous bag. I carry a tablet around with me at all times for work, so this feature will always be useful to me. A small internal mesh pocket and external pocket all add ease to organisation whilst keeping the interior spacious enough to pack everything you would need. It’s also useful going through airports to put your laptop and liquids bag in the front pocket to keep them easily accessible for the security line. Lockable zips is certainly a useful tool to keep everything safe and to deter pickpockets. A nice step up from locking zip pulls together.


Despite the 28l size, it feels much bigger. I had no trouble getting everything from my previous 30l bag into this one. In fact it was much easier to pack up! Because it’s not top loading I could play Tetris far more successfully with this bag, rather than my usual ‘stuff it down until it’s bulging’.


28l cabin Zero bag fully packed
full packing test of the 28l
What could be improved?

As previously mentioned, no bag is perfect. Despite the fact that I love my Cabin Zero bag (so much so that I bought a 44l online) there are a couple of features that I miss. For example, side pockets. Small mesh pockets on the side of a bag are a huge help for extra space. Storing a water bottle, umbrella or tent; side pockets are useful. Because of the sleek minimalist design, the side pockets don’t exist. And I think this will be something I miss about my old bag.


Somewhere to attach carabiners is also something I will miss. Again, this is due to bag design, but just that little bit extra looping to attach a sleeping bag, mat or even a fun key ring will be missed. Although the military 44l collection does have this feature as far as I can tell.


Final verdict?

Cabin zero is a fantastic bag, and I do love the design; so much so that I’ve ordered a 44l bag online to match my 28l. This may seem excessive, but, unfortunately, I now have a ridiculous amount of tech that I need to carry around to do my jobs. I was struggling with my old bag to get things in, and since I’ve bought more camera equipment I do need a larger capacity. If nothing else, it will serve me well when I start carrying around a tent and sleeping bag again.


Despite the the minor drawbacks it is a bag I highly recommend and thanks to the lovely folks at Cabin Zero you can get your own here with an additional 10% off with the promo code CZNEWWANDERLUST


Happy travels!


*Disclaimer; this blog post contains affiliate links which I earn a small percentage from when you buy from my link. All the information in this post is correct and not in any way swayed by this promotion. 

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