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Who am I and why should you be interested in my adventures?

My unhappy 9-5 self… I cheered myself up with flower crowns


In January 2015 I found out I was going to be made redundant from the fifth job in as many years. I was tired, weary and frantically applying for every job I could think of who would take me on. After applying for 45 jobs in three days a former colleague suggested I check out TEFL. Ever since I have been obsessed with the notion of traveling around the world and working in different countries. My parents were not too happy. (Still aren’t to be honest). However, the seed was planted.

About two weeks later I landed a new job; totally different from anything I had done before. Office work was something I had pegged as glamorous and much easier on my body, mentality and bank account. How wrong I was. I put off returning home in favor of a new job, with high prospects. In  doing so I thought it best to forget my travel dreams. However, after only two weeks in the job, I began to daydream again. I was miserable, I was commuting five hours a day and more often than not public transport broke down and cost me around £200 a month. I was too terrified to drive my car as I had not had to do so since passing my test three years previous and I felt like my life was a dead end. Was this all I had to look forward to for the next 40 years?

I couldn’t stand the itch any longer. I applied for a job in France and began saving money.

I may or may not have a slight obsession….



It was pretty tough to figure it all out. How much I could budget per day, where I could afford to go, where I was going to sleep. I was too excited to properly plan things out, and went into travel pretty much head first with little forethought. And honestly, in six months that hasn’t changed one bit! But I figured things out. I became a digital nomad and with a little trial and error I began to muddle through the meaning of travel. I finally stopped going to my comfort zone of McDonald’s and Starbucks, I made many friends and I have many stories to tell.


Thankfully after six months I have figured out great ways to make my pound stretch and I would like to share them with you! From the best cheap bus tickets and flight tickets, to the best accommodation options. Despite only leaving home with £200 each time, I think I manage to pull off my exploration journey rather well!


I was a little proud of my first printed piece of commissioned work!
I was a little proud of my first printed piece of commissioned work!